Wild things

The summer is the only time of year I can afford to get away for longer than just a couple of days.

So, there I was, two weeks ago, up on the beautiful mountains of Pindos, accompanied by a bonny lass and two highly energetic dogs.

While hiking through unexplored paths, we decided to look for any Geocaches. We were in luck. There was a geocache not too far from our location and we headed straight to it. We found it, buried inside a hollow trunk. But that wasn’t the only thing we found down there.

Not 2 feet from it there was something red on the ground. Normally, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to something like this. Besides, it’s the forest and if there’s one thing you see, it’s colors popping out left and right. But this one was worth it. It was a treat. I looked at it to make sure and indeed, it was a tiny tiny strawberry.


This is what you call Wind Strawberries. Apparently, they just happen to grow in some places by themselves, they are mini-me versions of normal strawberries and they taste sweeter than you could possibly imagine.


We kept on looking around and we found handfuls of them. One wild strawberry is might tasty. A handful of these things is an explosion of overloaded fruit tarts in your mouth.


I confess. I became a fruit tart.

Funny thing is, all around these strawberries we also found lots of wild mushrooms. Needless to say, I didn’t feel brave enough to try those too, as I know nothing about them. But they were still pretty to look at and be amazed by how many types of them they are and how they grow all around by themselves.








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