Pringles and rum

Pringles and rum.

I think it’s kinda my new thing. It’s ok to have new things. You can have new things as often as you like. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. Every 1000 years. It’s ok. It’s change and nobody can tell you how much change is too much. To some people, it doesn’t make sense. They can’t quite comprehend how one day you may like going out all the time, and the next you may be totally over it and this new believe feels like the most natural thing in the world.

Letting go and allowing the world to change you is the best gift you could give to yourself. Stop being in control. Stop thinking you know better. You don’t! It is a wonderful feeling to rediscover yourself constantly. Every single thing that is happening to you will change you, and it will change you for the better. It may not seem so at first, but trust me, it’s always for the better. All changes are for the better. It just takes time for it to show sometimes.

But I’m digressing. This is not about the outcome of changes. This is about people around you, as well as yourself, acknowledging and accepting those changes in you. Because not everyone will accept them. People are afraid of change. They are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid of the unknown because of what it may do to them. And it makes sense, doesn’t it? The big, black void. Areas of our lives where we cannot see anything and we worry for our well being and our comfort being taken away from us. Especially when what we have matters greatly to us. We can’t bear the thought of losing it, so we avoid new elements coming into play. What we don’t realize though, is that change does not result in losing what is dear to us. It usually results in either enhancing what we already have, or replacing it with something even better. So really, it’s a win-win situation.

Now, clearly, we’re not talking about those extreme situations where everything is completely out of our hands and we end up on the losing side. Those are changes that come at us like a storm and there is nothing we can do about it, for better or for worse.

No, I’m talking about those things that we could either say Yes or No to. Things that you either allow in your life or you push away. Things that you have no way of whether they will enhance or darken your life. But you know what? It’s worth a shot. Because otherwise, you live in fear. And fear builds up defenses that all they end up doing is making you paranoid and seeing threats in everything and everyone.

Seriously. Let go. Trust people. Trust new elements. Trust this hippie mumbo-jumbo called “energy”, or “karma”, or “fate, or whatever you want to call it. 

Trust you will be ok. Even with the things you fear the most.

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