You just enabled global hatred. That is the power of our actions!

Do you realize the power of our actions, or the actions of others? Do you take that into consideration when forming an opinion about someone?

We can enable an angry mob. That is the power of our actions!

I remember until roughly ten years ago how I felt about the USA. I didn’t appreciate the people much. I didn’t get along with them. I had only visited it briefly as a tourist (not even as a traveler) and had only had a handful of interactions with people I had met abroad. But those interactions, along with what I had read and heard about, has fixated my opinion about them as a whole. Overall, the US was at the bottom of my list of destinations. As an individual who spent most of his life traveling and living in a number of countries, that was a pretty big deal for me.

But then I traveled through the entire country for half a year and I found myself to be very wrong regarding my opinion about US-Americans. I saw a lot of inspirations in their ways, and their way of life. Sure, I didn’t agree with everything or everyone, but I appreciated many of their admirable personality traits. I found they had a lot to offer, and that is the reason I decided to live there for a number of years. (I did eventually leave, but that has nothing to do with it.)

And now, I have such mixed feelings about the latest events. I’m a very apolitical person, yet the 2016 US election results has affected me more than I expected. I don’t even live in the same continent, for crying out loud! I feel angry at so many people, disappointed by the result, afraid of what may follow. I may be over-reacting and it may all settle down in my mind in the days to come. But right now, this sucks! Donald Trump was a elected over doesntevenmatterwho. A man with a proven record of words and actions that in different circumstances would have a man end up in jail or worse.

The numbers make my disappointment even worse. (Source:

There are 320 million registered citizens in the US.

Out of those, 219 million are eligible to vote.

Out of those, 146 million are registered to vote.

Out of those, 118 million people voted.

Out of those, 59 million voted for Donald Trump.


So, that leaves us with 59 million Trump supporters + 101 million dontgiveafuckers, which adds up to 160 million people that chose to enable this situation. That means 72.06% of all people able to vote, said this would be ok. Because if you don’t take a stand for one side, you have taken for the other. And I know that most, if not all, of my friends back in the US are part of the remaining 27.94%, but shit, you guys. I’ve been routing for you all the way. I’ve been saying left and right how the majority of people in the US are educated, smart, productive, loving and respectful to one another. It is not fair to put them all in the same bag, judging by what we see on TV, or at party-islands in Greece during the summer.

But FUUUUUCK, you’re not making it easy for me any more!

Many people accuse those who voter the “lesser of two evils” and small-minded, uneducated, blah blah blah. It’s not about voting the lesser evil though. It’s about not enabling the greater evil and it’s effect in people around the world. And that’s what scares me the most.

Electing this man has enabled all around the world xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, hate, violence and disrespect towards people of opposing opinions. It is suddenly very difficult to come up with arguments that make a difference when finding ourselves in front of people that justify their actions with: “Why not? The President of the USA did it also. And he said it’s ok.”. In other words, a permanent Get-out-of-jail card (both literally and figuratively) was just given to every selfish, disrespecting, racist, violent bigot in the world, who now considers it OK to get out of their little holes and do whatever the fuck they want! That is the power of our actions!

And that, is on you!

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