How to defeat procrastination

I’m generally a lazy person. I come up with ideas, and I have all the desire in the world to make them happen… but I often don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly get a lot of things done. Big things too. Being a professional procrastinator though (No, I don’t mean procreator. Yes, I’m talking to you person that always confused those two words just like I did.), I enjoy the beauty of nothingness. Sitting on a couch, walking on a mountain with no specific purpose, having drinks and food with friends till the early morning hours. All this while the deadlines loom over my head.


Every now and then, something really massive comes up that I choose to undertake. The scale of such projects can really terrify the crap out of me. You know how that works. Doubting yourself and your abilities, wondering if it’s too big of a plan, moving more conservatively rather than plunging head first. But sometimes, just sometimes, it so happens that this massive new project is a project you would absolutely love bringing to life. The sheer thought excites you and mortifies you at the same time. The fear is still there though, and you’re afraid your procrastination may kick in once more, causing you to call the whole thing off.


What is the one thing you could do that helps you commit more? Shout it out! Announce the damn thing and that will definitely motivate you a whole lot more.

So this is what I am going to do now.

I am smiling and shivering (could be the cold) while typing this. In June 2016, we are organizing Greece’s first International Improv Comedy Theater Festival!


This is an absolutely massive endeavor, that takes me down paths I have never walked before. I know I’m trained (and train others) to not be afraid of failure, but man, this is one scary project.

Nevertheless, it’s going to be wonderful and great! I already have a great team of people to support me and help out on everything that needs to be done, as well as a massive community of improvisers from all around the world that are supporting this festival and are looking forward to attend. Above all else though, it’s the motivation that drives me the most. This is going to help establish the art of Improvised Theater in Greece. That has been the whole purpose of ImproVIBE and I can’t wait to see what this festival will do to propel our efforts forward.

You’ll probably be hearing more about this as time goes by. And me, typing this post, is one step towards punching procrastination in the face. ( -No, darling. This is tough love. Of course I still want to be with you.)

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  1. Dee says:

    Yay! I am excited for you. Every dream you have is bigger than most and they have all come true. This one won’t be any different. 🙂

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