Extreme hanging out

– Are you ready?
– Sure.
– Ok, let’s go.
– …
– Ok, I need you to sit in this chair and bend down. We need to get it all completely wet.
– No problem. Do your thing.
– Wow, there’s a lot of hair.
– Felipe, you’re taking photos?
– Of course.
– …
– …
– Luis, I think it’s ok.
– Good. Grab it from all sides and make sure it’s in the middle. It needs to line up perfectly.
– It keeps slipping from my hand, it’s too big. But I think I got it. Can you raise your head a little bit?
– …
– How does it feel?
– I think it’s good. The pull feels even and it doesn’t hurt.
– Great. Felipe, pass me those two metal rings. Luisa, it needs to be in three even parts and then we’ll start twisting.
– Guys, can you hold the two parts left and right so that I can take a photo? Menelaos, you’re looking you’re crazy for doing this.
– Why? Since Luisa offered, I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity!
– …
– …
– …
– It’s ready. Let’s go back downstairs.
– First, you need to exercise and warm up. Lie down here and move your head up and down 30 times in each directions. This is going to be hard on your muscles, so you need to warm up properly.
– Ok, I’m on it.
– …
– (Damn, this is hard.)
– I’m done. And I feel ready. Let’s do this.
– Come stand right here.
– Ok.
– We’ll move the mattress to the side.
– Ok.
– Let me lower this rope.
– Ok.
– Luisa, please attach the hook to the metal ring.
– Done.
– Ok Menelaos, this is it. Take it easy, keep applying pressure at your own pace and raise your legs as much as you feel comfortable.
– Ok.
– …
– Ohhhhh shiiiiiiit. Here we goooooooooo……..



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