Do you remember?

On any given day of your life, you can do anything you want. Absolutely anything.

People around a campfire

You can get lost at secluded beaches, fascinating canyons, buzzing cities or wild rivers.
You can enjoy a mesmerizing, cloudless, star-filled sky when camping in the middle of nowhere, away from any and all artificial lights.
You can wake up just at the moment the sun rises, peak outside your tent and feel the fresh droplets of dew on the tips of the grass that extends as far as your eye can see.
You can go to the fanciest restaurant money can buy and treat yourself to a dish of your choosing that tastes just like what you always believed gods ate at the top of mount Olympus.
You can visit your favorite tourist attraction, spend an entire day there and a month’s salary there, take hundreds of pictures and probably never look at them again.
You can work on an art project for days, weeks, months, years, loving the process every step of the way, only to look at it when it’s done, smile, and leave it to the side to gather dust.
You can sit in the middle of a big public square, where drinking in public is not allowed, sipping on a bottle of ice cold beer, just to feel like you’re sticking it to the man.
You can hike across the ever-changing terrain of a gorge that takes you from frozen rivers to scary rock formations, where every word you shout bounces endlessly left and right on the crevices of the earth as they extend on either side of you, carrying your voice far enough for your future self to still be able to hear what it is you have to say.
You can board a plane, watch it slowly climb up almost above the clouds… and then jump out of it to go back to where you started, at a fraction of the time it took you to get up there, yet having realized what a sharp adrenaline spike can do for your happiness.
You can swim in the forever warm waters of the Caribbean, right at the moment the sun sets, emerging yourself in a clear blue, cooling embrace below you, and a smooth orange, warming veil over you which only lasts as much as a deep breath, just for those lucky few who happened to be looking up that very moment.
You can ride a train filled with strangers of all ages and walks of life, none of whom speak your language, yet everyone desiring to interact with you.
You can drive for hours on end across countries, desperately trying to comprehend the natural powers behind a constantly changing scenery that does not let you forget you are going further and further and further away from home.
You can ride a horse and allow it to gallop as fast as it wants across the green hills and fields of Mongolia, feeling so afraid it may trip over at any moment yet trusting it, hoping it is not going through depression and actually wants to live, because if it doesn’t, chances are you will crash and burn along with it.

You can do all of this and a hell of a lot more. You can have some truly remarkable, unique experiences and you will be a new, better, happier person for it.

However, it will never be as wonderful as when you share them with someone. It doesn’t have to be a lover, your best friend or a family member. It could be someone you met just a couple of days ago. Hell, it could be a person you’ve been chatting on the bus with for the past hour. What matters is that that period of time, that day, that moment, for that experience, this person means something to you.

Do not pass on an opportunity to do any of all this. You will treasure those experiences till the end of your days. But if you are lucky enough to share them with someone, right at the end of your days you will ask that person…


And they will reply…

“Yes I do.”

That very moment, that very feeling, is what we build up to. It’s what we live for.

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