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So while we were on the bus, we decided to play a game. Each of us would write a sentence and hide it. Every person whose turn would come, was not allowed to read any of the previous phrases, but the very last written.

This is the result:

One day a rabbit and a pansy were discussing their smelly socks. they decided to explore the local cemetery where the Count was last seen. Since the day the boat arrived to Alaska, all polar bears had disappeared. So they decided to resort to cannibalism. They had a lottery to determine who would be the first. Naturally, the pansy ate the rabbit. And the polar bears reappeared and started eating all the pansies.
In the meantime, the crew found their captain, locked inside Montezuma’s tomb. He was holding a rifle which was pointed directly toward a small opening, located in the corner of the room, which opened into a magical world where pizza and beer grows on trees and everyone loves greek stuff.


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4 Responses

  1. Dee_Licious says:

    A magical bus ride Charlie! 😛

  2. Ara says:

    I feel hungry. Though I'm not sure if I'm craving pansies, rabbits, polar bears, pizza, beer, greek stuff or people.
    Maybe just a little greek people marinated in beer. 🙂

  3. Dee_Licious says:

    That's funny Ara. I was thinking the same thing. 😛

  4. anticharacter says:

    We have the short kind of this game called “who with who”.
    You divide the paper by 6 lines, have an 7 columned sheet. Each person writes on 1 column the answer of; “who / doing what / with who / at where / when / who saw / says what” and after writing and just fold the answered column for the next one in turn.
    And silly sentences like;

    Superman were ironing the lingeries with Metallica in Hogwarts on Valentine’s day, Mr Bean saw and said ” I know what you did last summer!”


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